Best free apps to Download Music for Android

These are the best working apps right now and are available on the play store. These free apps allow you to download songs or audio books. If you are looking for songs that you can listen to online or download to listen offline, then these are very good apps to use.

mp3 Music Download & Free Offline Music

Mp3 Music Downloader & Free Music Download

Download music to your Android device and listen to songs offline.

5,000,000+ downloads


In my opinion, this is the best Android app to download music to your smartphone right now. It’s easy to use and the mp3 search engines work very well. You can preview any song or audio file that you search for before deciding to download it. Downloading music directly to your phone allows you to listen to them even without an active Internet connection.

This app is very straightforward. You search a song, selected it, then decide whether to play it directly or download it to your phone. The other option is that you change the ringtone for your phone to any one of the songs that you’ve downloaded.

Useful Review:

“This is the best music downloader of all time! I’ve used it for just less than half an hour and it is so cool! As compared to the other untrusted music downloaders and apart from the one which recently stopped working, this is the fastest music downloader which is worth one’s time. This is the best, if you want to download any music!”


  • The mp3 search engine works very well to find songs. For now, it has three different search engines, just in case one doesn’t find the songs that you are looking for.
  • Downloading songs to your Android phone is fast and easy.
  • You are able to preview music before you download them.
  • Listen to the music you download without an Internet connection.
  • Download music from any genre. I haven’t had any issues with this app not finding a song that I searched for.
  • You can set a song as a ringtone after downloading it.
  • You can download other types of audio such as audio books. This is a feature that I use a lot. To download an audio book you would use the search box as normal.
mp3 music download app screenshot
Mp3 Music Download app screenshot

Mp3 Direct Music Download app for Android

Mp3 Direct Music Download

Mp3 music search engine that let’s you play and download music on your Android phone.

10,000+ downloads


I like the simplicity of this mp3 music download app. It’s basically a mp3 search engine. You do have to know the name of the artist or song that you want to download. If you search a song artist’s name then you will get all or most of the songs for that person so that’s a plus. I’ve also been able to download audio books and ringtones without any issues too. It’s easy to transfer music files to my computer since it saves all my music downloads to my phone’s download folder. This app is definitely worth a try.

Useful Review:

“Probably the best app to download music on the play store right now. So simple and easy to use. Find music by entering an artist name or song title and download it to my android phone. I’m so happy I found this music app after trying so many other downloaders that don’t work or don’t have lots of music. Downloaded songs are in mp3 format so it plays on my computer and mp3 player.”


  • Free music download.
  • Very simple to use. Just search a song, select it, choose to play or download the song.
  • Has every song that I search for.
  • Listen to downloaded music offline.
  • Music is saved to the downloads folder on your phone so that you can transfer it to a computer or other device.
Mp3 Direct Music Download app screenshot
Mp3 Direct Music Download app screenshot