Download US VPN free trial for Mac


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US VPN is a free app for Mac that routes your Internet access through our network of high performance servers in the United States of America, securing your Internet access and providing fast, full Internet access. The VPN service also provides a secures your connection by encrypting your traffic through the world until it reaches the USA..

Useful Review:

“I’m from the US and use it to get around WiFi blocks where I live. I’ve noticed when my payment period ends and I have to repay theres a period of a few weeks where I’ll be thrown off every 5-10 minutes for suspected torrenting (which isn’t happening) but that goes away after week 2 or 3 and it works fine after that. So it has it’s problems, but compared to every other app I’ve tried, (which is just about all of them) for the low price you’re paying its worth the bugs.”


  • Unlimited – No bandwidth limit.
  • Supports IPSec, PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN.
  • Secure data across Wifi networks.
  • Easy and quick configuration.
  • Works through most Firewalls and ISP’s.
  • No commitment – free subscription.
  • Subscriptions don’t automatically renew.


App Type: VPN for MAC (TRIAL)

Price: Free App Download