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After Photo – Add caption, text, beautiful message over your pic

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After Photo is a free iPhone app that lets you add text, artwork, beautiful message, apply effects and filters over your pic. It has an advanced text editor and you can add custom fonts from different websites. You can add as many filters and texures using layers which I find very easy to use. Cropping photos and making adjustments such as brightness, vignette, highlights, and shadows is simple to do and can be undone easily. There a lot of free tools built in the app and it is definitely worth a try.

Useful Review:

“I used this app to add text to my iPhone wallpaper. User interface is intuitive if not a little bit quirky. For example you can’t select a font size (at least I couldn’t) but you can smoothly grow and shrink the text, which is better. You can smoothly rotate text, but I couldn’t figure out how to set an angle. You can set the stroke size of a text field, which also threw me but it gives you more flexibility than just bold. So all of the quirks seem to be around giving you a better feature.”


  • Includes a collection of built-in fonts.
  • Customize your app with your favorite fonts by installing more fonts from many font websites.
  • Advanced Text Editor.
  • Easily to manage multiple text layers.
  • Photo Filters and Textures.
  • Adjustment and Photo Editor.
  • Crop your photo.
  • Adjust brightness, Exposure, Contrast, Warmth, Saturation, Vignette, Highlights & Shadows, Blur, Tint, Fade.
  • Save and Share your photo to your favorite Social Network or send it to your friend via Facebook Message, iMessage, Email.

After Photo

App Type: Add text to photos, photo filters and effects

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