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Split Pic Collage Maker is a free iPhone app that allows you to clone yourself, create a photo mirroring effect, use integrated layouts and make a collage of your photos. The are a lot of features that are included in this free version. Split Pic can also divide your camera into several sections with several free layouts to choose from. You can choose to blend these images together creating a nice looking special effect or make a sharp contrast between the photos to collage multiple images.

Useful Review:

“This app is definitely great for editing. I went on and it was easy, I didn’t have to go on press, all these buttons, set up and learn all this crap. All I had to do is go on pick what kind of screen and I was off editing with all the different shades, sliders, texts and stickers, all the settings. It’s fun and great and not stressful.”


  • You can blend the images together to look like one photo and fool all your friends or keep the sharp contrast and show off your artistic side. The blend bar is now available immediately so you can test it before moving on to the editing process.
  • Zoom-in or out, move the split bars, move your images around, and choose from various photo editing options like crop, rotate, color adjustments, etc.
  • Choose from 14 custom photo filters to get your Split Pic looking fly. You can filter each section separately to switch it up or make the each frame the same filter.
  • Save it to your Camera Roll or share it with friends. You can share with the integrated social media posting to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Email, or SMS.
  • You can save your projects to easily come back and work on it over time or make several combinations and choose your favorite.
  • Collaborate with friends anywhere in the world. Just take part of a Split Pic and select which of your Facebook friends you want to complete it.

Split Pic Collage Maker Layout

App Type: Photo editing, Picture Collage, Cloning, Templates

Price: Free App Download