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Download Light Alloy Free Media Player to play videos or audio files
  • Publisher: Vortex Team
  • Price: Free
  • Compatible with: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Version: Most recent free version through download
Light Alloy Media Player is a free video, audio, DVD, and Blu-ray player that supports all popular formats. It has a very clean and modern interface and is a very easy multimedia player to use. It also has advanced settings for anyone that likes to tweak their video or audio settings. Light Alloy played my MKV, AVI, MP4, FLV, WAV, MP3 and other video and audio files with no problem. You can easily change that video aspect ratio, increase the volume up to 300% for audio that is too low, increase the brightness for videos that are too dark, increase/decrease the bass and treble, plus so much more if needed. A really nice feature is the Live Preview which works just like in YouTube. This was not enabled by default but I enabled it by going into the settings, then ‘Mouse’, ‘Live Preview’, and selected ‘When Mouse over Timeline’ in the drop down menu. Don’t forget to click ‘OK’, to save the change. You could also watch YouTube and Vimeo videos right from the player. Just right-click on the bottom Control Panel (this is where the play and forward icons are located) then ‘File’, ‘Open Url’, paste in the YouTube or Vimeo link and click ‘OK.’ The Internet Radio Explorer is very useful, too. There is a large selection of free streaming music that you can choose from. Once you click on the Icecast button, it will load all the available streaming music. You could also search for specific genres in the search bar. Overall, I am very pleased with this free media player. It has a modern look to it with a lot of useful options and features that I like and use. It is also easy enough to use that I recommend it to friends and family. I hope you find it useful also. Enjoy!
  • It supports all popular multimedia formats.
  • Built-in video/audio codec’s (but still can be configured to use system codec’s), as well as custom codec’s for the selected video formats, has full support for subtitles (with the ability to specify the time shift if the subtitles are behind or ahead); has minimal start time
  • Full support for DVD/Blu-ray and MKV/OGM/MP4 features
  • Support for WinLIRC to control the player with a remote
  • Configurable playback speed from 0.1x slow to 32x fast, frame by frame playback, adjustable rewind
  • Volume control, timeline display on the control panel
  • Additional audio features: sound amplification, normalization, audio shift.
  • Supports playlists with the possibility of placing bookmarks in the playlist or on timeline; can be configured to display or hide the duration, can generate a table from the playlist (for movie collectors), save/load a playlist, get screenshots from the video (including the DVD).
  • Audio and video filters configuration
  • Drag-n-drop support; saving playing position on player close (to resume later)
  • Rich reconfigurable mouse keys and keyboard, functional pop-up menu
  • Timeline preview function, like on YouTube, with possibility to change preview window size
  • Ability to specify a folder to save screenshots, for creating thumbnails and full-size screenshots from the movie

Screenshots of Light Alloy FREE Media Player

  • Great free video and audio player by Light Alloy
  • Easily play different categories and music genres with Internet Radio Explorer
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