Download WinSCP FTP Client software for Windows

WinSCP Free FTP Client

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Winscp FTP interface screenshot
WinSCP is free and open source FTP client software. It also supports SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure Copy Protocol). WinSCP is easy to use when connecting to a server. If you are connecting to a FTP server, all you need to enter is the host name (server), port number (port 21 is … Read more
Download FileZilla FTP Client

FileZilla FTP Client – Best Official Version – no bundled software with this direct download

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FileZilla settings screenshot
FileZilla FTP Client is free, open source software that allows you to upload files to a server and download files from a server to your computer. I use a FTP client to upload files to my web host server for my website. Filezilla supports drag-and-drop that makes it easy to transfer files to the server … Read more